What Are the Causes of Tangled Hair? We Asked!

tangled hair

Feeling a little bit tangled up with your tangled hair? You are not alone – that much we can say. And we found out! We asked several stylists, what the reasons are for tangled hair.
So if you suffer from tangles, this is definitely something for you!

No one, and we mean no one, likes a head full of tangled hair. Those tangles are the reason why many of us take measures into our own hands and bring out the scissors. But before doing that maybe we should find out what causes the hair to tangle. It is really simple actually – it tangles when the outer layer of your hair, the cuticle, becomes damaged and opens up. Unlike a smooth and closed cuticle that is healthy, the open layers of the cuticle become snagged on each other, resulting in tangles and knots in your hair, leaving you frustrated, glimpsing at the scissors from time to time. The more damaged the cuticle is, the worse the tangles.

Tangles 101

Tangles also occur when your hair is lacking hydration. Always moisturize your hair if you are tangle prone, says TRESemmé Celebrity Stylist, Jeanie Syfu. Choose a shampoo and conditioner that works best on your hair type, but never skip on conditioning ends, she continues.Constant wearing of ponytails, sleeping with your hair down or exposing the hair of too much friction is the main cause for tangles. Dry ends can sometimes also cause your hair to tangle, so make sure to trim it every now and then.

tangled hair
Sleeping with braids will protect your hair and make it less tangled.

Tuck your hair in before going to bed

Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase will cause your hair to rub against the material, so before going to bed, make a braid to protect it. When your hair rubs against a cotton pillowcase, moisture is drawn out of it, making it dry and causing it to easily get tangled.

So how do you prevent tangled hair?

Brushing your hair before bedtime is a great way to start avoiding tangles. Sleeping with braids is a fantastic way to keep hair smooth and also tangle-free. Let the hair air dry soften as possible. Stay away from the blowdryer as much as possible to prevent damage. Rinse with cool water before jumping out of the shower, it seals the cuticle and works wonders for a tangle-free life.

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